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Statement by Robert Brown,
Husband of Penny Brown:


        I hope and pray that with the influence and communicating power of this web site, that "Penny's Law" will be passed in New York State. On May 9, 1999 (Mother's Day) my family changed forever when my wife went for an afternoon run with our two family dogs. She was RAPED and MURDERED by a fifteen-year-old. I can't describe in words how unreal everything seemed.  Nothing that I could do could bring her back, and nothing that I could do could bring her justice. Even though Kindt was "tried as an adult", that meant nothing because he was still sentenced as a juvenile. Justice was not served. The law must be changed. I only hope and pray that "Penny's Law" passes in New York State so a higher degree of justice could be served in future instances of juvenile violence. This injustice should never touch another family in New York State. I thank you for all of your support.

-Robert Brown
Husband of Penny Brown


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