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Kenneth Pigott

Kenneth Pigott

Kenneth Pigott
killed by a 14 year old for his car

14 year old Renee Kara O’Brien set out on the evening of March 10 2002 with the sole intention of stealing a car. Finding 60 year old grandfather Kenneth Pigott asleep in his four-wheel drive, she struck him in the head eight times with a hammer and threw his dead body into the Waitara River.

Leaving her friend’s Aunt’s house, Renee Kara O’Brien went looking for a car to steal. Returning to her home at 3am, Renee told her father that she was going out again. She hooked up with friends, Kararaina Makere Te Rauna and Puti Irene Heather Maxwell, they set off to find a car and drink some alcohol.

60 year old Kenneth Pigott had also been drinking with friends at a local Waitara pub on the evening of March 10. Falling asleep in his Four-wheel-drive, he was woken by Renee O’Brien and her friends.

While Kararaina distracted Mr. Pigott, Renee produced a hammer. She smashed the man over the head eight times before he fall to ground. The other two girls kicked him before they all dragged him over the stop bank and into the river.

After dumping the body, they stole Kenneth Pigott's car and took it joy riding around the streets of Waitara, visiting friends and even tooting as they drove past the police station.

After dropping Puti Maxwell at home the other two girls headed toward Palmerston North, finally abandoning the vehicle several hours away from Waitara north of Wanganui

Kenneth Pigott body was found the following afternoon on the 11th March 2002.

All three girls were arrested and have since appeared in court: Kararaine Makere Te Rauna, pled guilty to manslaughter on 26th August and has been sentenced to 8 years and 9 months jail Puti Irene Heather Maxwell pled guilty to manslaughter on 11/09/02.

Renee Kara O’Brien was charged with murder and was found guilty only three hours after the jury left the court. She hung her head during the trail and hid her face throughout the proceeding.

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