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"Penny's Law"
will allow juveniles convicted of murder as adults
 to be sentenced as adults.

    When Penny Brown was brutally raped and then strangled to death on Mother's Day of 1999, her family, friends, colleagues, and community were devastated.  Devastation turned to despair when her 15-year-old killer received only nine years to life in prison.  Frustrated with the grossly inappropriate sentence, a grass-roots campaign to change the juvenile sentencing law was born.  "Penny's Law".
    New York State Assembly Bill #A1628, named for Penny Brown, was then drafted with the help of Assemblywoman Catherine Young, and State Senator Patricia McGee.  "Penny's Law" changes the sentencing range for juvenile murderers from 5-9 years to life, to a far more appropriate 15-25 years to life.

For all the families and friends of those who have suffered the loss of a loved one by the hands of a Juvenile. This site shall live on forever in their honor..  This site is now going to be used as a Memorial and informational site due to the fact "Penny's Law" has been passed in New York State thanks to New York Senator Cathy Young. Whom at the time held the Title of Assemblywoman Catharine Young as well as all of you that supported the creation of Penny's Law.

In Loving Memory

Penny L. Brown


While this site is being converted into a memorial and informational site. If you would like to contact me for what ever reason please use the contact information provided below. Please read the site update section for more information on having your loved one added to this site and how you can help.


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